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Davis Cup: Djokovic’s victory against Norrie secures a semifinal berth

<p>With a win that guaranteed Serbia a semifinal matchup with Italy, Novak Djokovic made an announcement about his attendance at the Davis Cup Finals in Malaga.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-287737″ src=”” alt=” davis cup djokovics victory against norrie secures a semifinal berth images 2023 1″ width=”992″ height=”992″ title=”Davis Cup: Djokovic's victory against Norrie secures a semifinal berth 3″ srcset=” 225w,×96.jpg 96w,×150.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 992px) 100vw, 992px” /></p>
<p>Less than a week after playing the final match at the ATP Finals in Turin, the world No. 1 defeated Britain’s Cameron Norrie 6-4 6-4 to win his 40th Davis Cup singles victory. This set up a rematch with Jannik Sinner of Italy on Saturday.</p>
<p>Even though Djokovic seemed to be suffering from a cold and was using a tissue to wipe his nose in between games, he managed to go past a struggling Norrie and put on a flawless display of skill and accuracy with his laser-like forehand shooting.</p>
<p>In the first set, Djokovic broke the Norrie serve at 3–2, and he went on to win it even though a heckler interrupted him.</p>
<p>Similar events occurred in the second set, with Djokovic breaking in the first game and going on to win in an hour and forty-one minutes without facing a break point.</p>
<p>With this victory, Djokovic’s streak of victories in Davis Cup singles matches grew to 21, and it is amazing to note that the 36-year-old hasn’t dropped a singles match in the tournament since March 2009.</p>
<p>In his on-court interview, Djokovic praised Cameron Norrie, saying, “He battled hard out there and is a great player.” It feels good to complete the task since I haven’t played many left-handers recently.</p>
<p>“There is never more pressure or incentive than when you play for your nation. We are starting to feel it in our legs after a long season.</p>
<p>We are playing Italy right now. They are a tremendously powerful country. We will spar and give it our best on the court.</p>
<p>After a brilliant performance by Miomir Kecmanovic, who defeated Jack Draper 7-6(2) 7-6(6) in a hotly fought first encounter, Djokovic sealed the victory for Serbia.</p>
<p>Against Kecmanovic, Draper opened with three thunderous aces, giving the hundreds of British supporters in the Martin Carpena arena’s stands an early opportunity to voice their opinions.</p>
<p>Nonetheless, in the first set, the Serbian world No. 55, who was chosen above fellow countryman Laslo Djere, who is rated higher, proved to be a difficult foe because to his unwavering consistency.</p>
<p>At 5-4, Draper’s service produced one of two set-points thanks to a brilliant backhand passing stroke. The British player held to win that game, stymieing one of the break chances with a daring drop shot.</p>
<p>Draper entered the tie-break, but Kecmanovic had an opportunity to establish his dominance as the Brit committed two double faults on his opening serve. The Serbian would not give up, duly winning a superb first set.</p>
<p>In the second set, which was also won by a tie-break, Kecmanovic’s remarkable tennis continued. His consistency allowed Draper little opportunity to have an influence on his service games.</p>
<p>Kecmanovic had the early edge thanks to a stunning lob, and as the clock approached the two-hour mark, the Serb had an opportunity to finish the match since Draper was having trouble returning serves that were aimed wide to his backhand.</p>
<p>“I’m really glad that I was able to stay cool, stay focused, and get the win, but I definitely felt the pressure and the weight of the moment,” Kecmanovic said.</p>
<p>“I’m grateful to be a member of this club. It’s basically a collection of men that have had fantastic careers and have been playing wonderfully. Being a member of that group that has been doing so well simply feels nice.</p>
<p>On Saturday, Serbia will play Italy in the semifinals.</p>
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