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Men’s Doubles Gold Medalists Pramod Bhagat and Sukant Kadam at the Four Nations Para-Badminton International

<p>At the Four Nations Para-Badminton International, Pramod Bhagat and Sukant Kadam, the world’s top men’s doubles team in SL3-SL4, took home the gold medal. Shuttler Ace Manisha Ramdass and Sukant Kadam won bronze in the singles SL 4 category, while Pramod Bhagat also won silver in the singles SL 3 category and silver in the mixed doubles SL 3- SU 5 division.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-116445″ src=”” alt=” heres how the national pension system can assist you in retirement download 2023 08 07t170432.094″ width=”1127″ height=”995″ srcset=” 239w,×132.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1127px) 100vw, 1127px” title=”Men's Doubles Gold Medalists Pramod Bhagat and Sukant Kadam at the Four Nations Para-Badminton International 9″></p>
<p>In the men’s doubles competition, the Indian duo of Deep Ranjan Bisoyee and Manoj Sarkar were beaten by the world’s top team, Pramod and Sukant. Deep and Manoj were overpowered by the pair, who barred them from making any rallies.</p>
<p>The final scores of the 30-minute game were 21–17 for Pramod and 21–17 for Sukant. Both players seemed to be in excellent condition and made outstanding strokes that were unreturnable. Daniel Bethell of England defeated Pramod in the singles match, 21-8 and 21-10. Pramod seemed rusty and was unable to counter Bethell’s masterful strokeplay. Indonesia’s Hikmat Ramdani and Leani Ratri Oktila defeated Pramod and Manisha Ramdass in a challenging mixed doubles match. Both 17 – 21 and 17 – 21 were the final scores.</p>
<p>Pramod Bhagat said, “I am thrilled with the doubles result, but I’m not very happy with my singles and mixed doubles results. This year, Daniel Bethell has been a really difficult opponent for me, and I need to significantly improve if I want to defeat him. I’ll return to training right afterwards and begin addressing my deficiencies.</p>
<p>Sukant Kadam, on the other hand, lost a hard-fought match in the singles semifinal against Indonesia’s Fredy Setiawan. Sukant won the first set with a score of 21-7, but the Indonesian produced a tremendous comeback to take the following two sets by scores of 15-21 and 16-21.</p>
<p>Sukant remarked in regards to the same, “If I want to realize my ambition of winning a Paralympic gold in Paris, I must put a lot of effort into improving my singles game. I need to put more effort into improving my areas of weakness.</p>

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