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Moeen Ali declares his retirement from test cricket in the song “That’s Me Done”

<p>After fellow spinner Jack Leach had an injury before to the premier series, Moeen Ali was so nice and polite to postpone his retirement and join the England team only for the Ashes series.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-106410″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1495″ height=”995″ srcset=” 275w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1495px) 100vw, 1495px” /></p>
<p>Ali announced his intention to retire once again on Monday after helping his side secure a memorable victory at The Oval with the series finishing with a 2-2 score.</p>
<p>“It’s been wonderful to be back. I was shocked when I received the news from Stokes; I was unaware that Leach was hurt, but once the series started, I really loved it. Although I knew it would be difficult emotionally, I knew the hardest part would be physically. Was a fantastic series that I’ll always remember. After the game, Moeen remarked, “I felt it would be my final few Test matches, so I’ll do it for the team.</p>
<p>The off-spinner made a cheeky jab at his captain, suggesting that he would erase the message if he receives one from captain Ben Stokes, and then opted to rejoin the England team when Stokes requested him to.</p>
<p>“I’m sure I’m done. I’ll delete Stokes’ texts if he sends me any more. I’m finished,” he said.</p>
<p>Ali was one of the standout performers for the hosts in the last Test, particularly on the fifth day when he took the vital wickets of Travis Head, Mitchell Marsh, and Pat Cummins. This was despite the fact that Ali had begun to contribute successfully since his selection in the squad for the Ashes.</p>
<p>In the second innings, he concluded with 3/76 and began by discussing Smith’s dropped catch before praising Jonny Bairstow for his outstanding job behind the stumps.</p>
<p>I assumed it was out when I first saw it go into his palm, but when I saw it had gone down, I was devastated. I believed that I would never be able to free Steve Smith once again. In Test cricket, these incidents occur. Happy for Bairstow; he’s handled the bat and gloves exceptionally well.</p>
<p>Stuart Broad was praised by Ali for his many years of dedicated service to the English squad. Broad concluded his 68-match Test career with 204 wickets.</p>
<p>“Really pleased with Broad as well for the way he finished.”</p>
<p>Ali’s performance in the series was praised and appreciated by captain Stokes, who also said that he would defer to Ali’s choice about the India series.</p>
<p>“After Jack Leach’s tragic injury, Moeen entered the game. I chose him because I was aware of his potential. He was just amazing. “We’ll let Moeen consider everything and decide on the India series,” Stokes stated during the post-game awards ceremony.</p>
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