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Fast & Furious spinoffs, including one with a female lead, are in the works, according to Vin Diesel

Hollywood icon Vin Diesel claims that the 'Fast & Furious' series has already begun production on spinoffs, one of which will have a female lead.
“I started developing the female spinoff… in 2017 with other spinoffs, and the sooner I deliver the finale, the sooner I can launch all the spinoffs,” he reportedly added, according to 'Variety'.
Although “Fast X” is the first of a two-part conclusion, Diesel noted, “it's bittersweet to think of a finale.”
He hinted that the finale would span three films in an interview given on May 12 at the Rome premiere. Diesel spoke highly of the potential for a 12th feature, saying, “Look how many characters and great talent there are in the movie.” I could only have done it if everyone had been there for five seconds. We need more of these endearing personalities because they are attractive.
The surprising comebacks of Gisele (Gal Gadot) and Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) are shown in “Fast X.” Diesel acknowledges that it wasn't simple to keep the appearances a secret. “I can't wait to see the fans' reactions and how happy it makes people,” said the author. “I'm so excited to have them back home.”
Gadot made cameos for previous movies, but they weren't included in the finished product, her 'Fast X' co-star Michelle Rodriguez stated earlier on the red carpet.
Diesel said, “We have filmed other stuff that may not have matched that particular movie as a climax a long time ago. “Doing tags is a really delicate thing because you want to show off your wonderful ability but you also have to be extremely cautious to keep the audience's emotional state at the conclusion of the movie. That is what you are juggling, then.
Rodriguez is unsure whether she will participate in spinoffs. “You hand over the baton. You sit in the back, she instructed. The passenger side, please. You must when it comes to the next generation. They can only define the future in this manner.
Among the 350 attendees at the CTAOP fundraiser, Diesel and Rodriguez contributed to the organization's effort to assist the health, education, and safety of young people in Southern Africa by raising more than $900,000. Salina EsTitties and Luxx, two drag queens, performed throughout the event. Unfortunately, Theron was unable to attend since she had COVID.

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